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Nreqio Language


Some about the Nreq kingdom
Nreqio Language
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Here I give you an explication of this language

Here are some rules of this language, and some definitions


Have four types of tildes: "^", "`", "" and "".

Smilie Face

"^" is used in the words that have two syllables, and is put in the first syllable.
"`" is used when have three syllable, and it is put in the second syllable
"" is used when have four syllable, and you put it in the syllable number three.

Sometimes, will appear something like that: "csh" and "ksh". In this case, that is replaced by "c" and "k".
Have two genders: Male and Female.
All the others things are very similar of Spanish (because I'm chilean) 

Some definitions

Hello: re            
Bye: Ki           
House: Kpe
Boy: Vui
Man: hca

Create your own language! 

To create a language you only need a lot of imagination and some knowledge about other languages