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Some about the Nüreq kingdom


Some about the Nüreq kingdom
Nüreqio Language
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Looking backward...

History of Nüreq

      Nüreq is located in other world. Was created by soldiers of other kingdom, called Contlor. By millions of years, Nüreq lived in crude wars with Contlor and Gasdet. In one battle, Gasdet was defeated and disappear, So Contlor take his land.
      But in the Rambena battle, Nüreq defeat Contlor and Conquered all the world. From that date, they live in peace


     Nüreq is governed by a king, that lives in the Dantar Castle. The most important city is called Encendor.
     Have high mountains and a big sea. There lives all type of criatures, like trolls, etc. Obviusly live humans, too